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Sports Law: Visas For Athletes

Sports Law: Visas For AthletesWhat is Sports Law?

Sports Law – within the realm of the overarching legal specialty of Entertainment Law, which can range from professional to amateur sports – is afield of law that provides representation, consultation, and the provision of legal counsel with regard toathletics. Sports Law can exist in a variety of levels, which can range in both the type of athletic activity, as well as the level of professionalism latent within each and every specific circumstance.

International Sports Law

Professional athletes requiring travel into the United States will be required to adhere to travel stipulations expressed in Sports Law:
P1 Visas for Athletes
•    A P1 Visa allows international athletes to enter the United States in order to perform or participate in an activity that is classified as Entertainment
•    athletes will be required to retain a sufficient amount of international recognition in order to substantiate the awarding of this Visa
•    athletes permitted to enter the United States contingent on a P1 Visa are legally-permitted to earn money; however, each accompanying staff members – including Sports Law professionals – must apply individually for their respective P1 Visa(s)
•    Typically, individuals receiving a P1 Visa will be permitted to remain in the United States for a period of 5 years in addition to possible extension periods; however, this time period is not exceed 10 years’ time

O-1 Visas for Athletes

•    An O-1 Visa is restricted to individual athletes considered to possess an ability within their chosen athletic discipline that is over momentous value; this visa is awarded to athletes who possess international notoriety, in addition to recognizable excellence

B-1 Business Visas for Athletes
•    A B1 Business Visa is an immigration document issued by the United States government, which allows the individual to whom its awarded the expressed permission to legally enter the United States and reside there on a non-permanent basis in order to participate in business ventures and temporary employment
•    Individuals who do not receive immediate compensation with regard to their profession with regard to international travel and performance are permitted to obtain this type of visa

Sports Law and Sports Accidents

A sports accident is classified as sports or athletic-related mishaps resulting in personal injury and/or property damage. Participation in any athletic or sports activity can be a fun and recreational activity, yet sports accidents can take place in a variety of circumstances, ranging from professional to amateur settings:

Avoiding Sports Accidents
The most common way to avoid sports accidents is the careful, safe, and responsible performances of athletic activities. Depending on the sport itself – as well as the equipment required for the safe practice of the sport itself – the following should be done in order to reduce the risk of sports accidents:
•    Sports equipment should be routinely inspected in order to ensure optimal working order
•    Sports equipment should be replaced in the event that it becomes damaged or non-operational
•    Sports equipment should comply with any and all regulations established by its specific regulatory association



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