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What You Need to Know About Downloading Music

What You Need to Know About Downloading MusicTechnology facilitated in order to illegally download music, which includes network file-sharing – as well as a variety ofadditional means unlawful, unauthorized transmission of digital, copyrighted media and intellectual property exist with regard to the unlawful possession of intellectual property belonging to another individual or entity through the use of a computer. The following means of media can be accessed as a result of illegal endeavors facilitated in order to download music:

•    Illegally-uploaded albums songs
•    Audio files, including audiobooks, lectures, and speeches

Illegal Methods Employed to Download Music: Bit Torrent 

A Bit Torrent is an illegal, digital file-sharing program that is operated from a centralized location, which grants access to its users allowing them to illegally download music; this may include the transfer, import, and export of intellectual property.
Typically, a Bit Torrent website will contain a series of servers that houses the data utilized to download music through which is being circulated throughout the Bit Torrent web site; membership to Bit Torrent websites – ranging from those offered without a charge to those that require membership fees – are able to download and upload digital media belonging to the members of that particular Bit Torrent website.

Illegal Methods Employed to Download Music: Peer-to-Peer Sharing

Peer-to-Peer (p2p) digital file-sharing program – used to illegally download music -is considered to be more efficient than its predecessors, which facilitated a large data server, which consisted of single, large files. In contrast to traditional fire-sharing programs used to download music in which full files are circulated through digital transmission, Peer-to-Peer sharing allows for the segmented transmission of digital media through its server(s); as a result, users are inundated with much smaller files, which allow for more a more comprehensive and seamless transmission – however, this design does not detract from the illegality innate in all file-sharing programs.

Illegal Methods Employed to Download Music: Copyright Violation

The criminal activity – inherent in methods employed to illegally download music- can be covered by a multitude of legal fields, including copyright law, cyber law, and criminal law; the unlawful transmission and dissemination of digital media in lieu of both legal purchase, as well as financial recuperation on the part of the industry applicable to the digital media is considered to be a criminal activity punishable by law enforcement.
•    A copyright is a legal instrument within Intellectual Property law, which states that original works – including methodology employed in order to illegally download music– are under the expressed ownership of their creator subsequent to the receipt of a copyright; this precludes others from both unlawfully reproducing the media in question, as well as benefiting from it – copyrighted media can include works of music, art, text, or additional original constructions
•    Copyright Laws protect the owners of music from the potential, unlawful usage of methodology employed in order to illegally download music
•    Copyright Laws retains the rights to arrest individuals suspected of the measures employed in order to illegally download music



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