Home Entertainment Donald Trump on Gay Marriage: “It’s Not My Thing”

Donald Trump on Gay Marriage: “It’s Not My Thing”

Donald Trump on Gay Marriage: “It’s Not My Thing”


Millionaire showman and T.V. mogul Donald Trump has finally set the record straight—he does not like the idea of gay marriage. Not exactly a shocker given Trump’s brashness and political lean, but the “Donald” has rarely talked about the issue until now.
The conservative businessman, who played with the idea of running for president last year, dialed into Howard Stern’s radio show on Wednesday and revealed that marriage equality isn’t exactly his cup of tea.
Stern, being his usual pokey self, prodded the Donald by asking, “Go on the record; you’re for gay marriage, right?”
Trump surprised both Stern and his co-host Robin Quivers with his response, “Well, no I’m not. It’s never been an argument that’s been talked about with me very much, but people know that it’s simply not my thing one way or the other.”
The businessman icon’s stance on marriage equality hasn’t necessarily been conspicuous, but the Donald has avoided advocating on behalf of one side or the other.
A notable stance; however came in March of 2011, when two months after making these comments, a New York Times profile featured a quote from Trump where he likened same-sex marriage to golfers “deciding or switching to belly putters.” Trump attempted to engage in damage control when he told the profile’s author Michael Barbaro that he had “fabulous” gay friends but is simply a traditionalist at heart
Trump’s stance, partly because of his fame and partly because of the enjoyment people procure from listening to his buffoonery, has long been the focus of media attention. Trump, whether you like it or not, has been thrust into the media limelight with the success of his reality shows and his over-the-top personality.
Trump’s position on gay rights grew a bit murkier when “Star Trek” legend George Takie hinted that the Donald may secretly support gay marriage. The two had lunch in December and Takei revealed that it was an engaging hour-long conversation that touched upon Trump’s personal opinion on marriage equality. During their conversation, Trump confided that he recently attended a same-sex wedding and that he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Trump told conservative kingpin Bill O’Reilly, “I just don’t feel right about it. I don’t feel good about it and I take a lot of flak because I come from New York City.”



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